Ingress/Egress Safety for Truck Drivers is a source for information on the design of truck ingress and egress systems. Well-designed steps and handholds reduce the risk of injuries due to slips and falls when drivers get into and out of their cabs. This site brings together information from U.S. and international standards and reports on research findings from the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute. This site is focused primarily on conventional trucks rather than cab-over-engine configurations, but much of the information applies to any kind of vehicle with a multistep ingress/egress system.

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step height trial

As part of a laboratory study of truck driver ingress/egress, experienced drivers rated the acceptability of the height of the first step. The first step height is a critical determinant of the ease of ingress and egress, but its height must be considered in the context of the overall system performance. The median height for the acceptable-to-unacceptable transition was 533 mm above the ground.

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