Field Study 3: Additional Interviews

Objective: Document drivers’ experiences with ingress and egress.

Method: 107 drivers who did not participate in Field Study 1 were interviewed using the same structured questionnaire.

Results: Four of the 107 drivers surveyed were female. On average, drivers were 44 years of age and had driven for 18 years. Thirteen percent were self-employed. Among other results, twenty-one percent reported that they had slipped or fallen on egress, 7.8 percent on ingress. Half of those with an egress slip or fall said that they had been injured, but only one sustained a fracture, the rest sprains or abrasions. Of the 30 drivers who reported an incident on ingress or egress, 17 implicated the steps and six ground conditions, only two the handholds.

Key Findings:
• A sizeable percentage of working drivers report having slipped or fallen during IE.
• Drivers perceive the steps to be the primary issue.
• All drivers report having been trained on 3 points of contact.


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