Field Study 1: Driver Tactics, Video and Interview

Objective: Document the patterns of ingress and egress motions; obtain information directly from drivers on their IE experiences

Method: 33 drivers recruited at highway rest stops were video-recorded as they got into and out of their vehicles 3 times (total of 99 trials video-recorded. The drivers also answered interview questions regarding their IE experience.

Results: Drivers exited facing the truck in 68% of the 99 trials recorded, faced outward 18% of the time, and switched from out to in 14% of the time. Most of the outward facing egresses were observed in second- or third trials. All drivers reported having been trained on three points of contact.

Key Findings:
• Drivers demonstrated a wide range of egress tactics, few of which included continuous three points of contact.
• All drivers indicated that they had been trained to use three points of contact.
• Drivers demonstrated several high-risk behaviors, including jumping from the top step.
• Drivers were observed wearing inappropriate footwear (flipflops)
• Combined with covert observation (Field Study 2) the results demonstrated that the behaviors drivers produce when they know they are being observed are more consistent with recommendations than their normal behavior.



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